Emperor’s Court


Oklahoma Arts Council

National Endowment for the Arts

The Lyon Foundation

Phillips 66



Conductor’s Circle

Theo Silas

H.A. and Mary K. Chapman Foundation

Glenn and Ronnie Cox

John Mihm

Ernst & Young

KOTV Ch 6 and  KWTV Ch 9





Mary Lynn Mihm, Attorney

Roger and Angela Box


Chad Lewis Designs

Charlie and Julie Daniels

Community spirit Magazine

Diversified Systems Resources

Elizabeth R. Jones


Linda Jones

KJRH TV Channel 2


KWON/KWFM Bartlesville Radio

Langdon Publishing

Osage Casinos

Joe and Mary O’Toole


Joel and Patricia Romines

Siemens Industry, Inc.

Randy and Sherry Thompson

Truity Credit Union



Ann & Gordon Getty Foundation

Arvest Bank

Bartlesville Convention and  Visitors Bureau

Bartlesville Monthly

Dwight and Margaret Boesiger

Charlie and Coralea Bowerman

James Calvert

Central National Bank

Fluor Enterprises

GTR Tulsa Newspapers

Mark and Debbie Haskell

Helmerich & Payne , Inc.

William O. Johnstone

Larsen & Toubro Infotech

McCormick Armstrong

Harris and Judy Moreland

Musselman Abstract

Service & Technology Corp.

Silas Co-Trust

Jim and Sheila Taylor




Mary Louise Adams

Paul and Ivery Anderson

Bank of Oklahoma

Bank of Oklahoma Investment Center (BOSC)

Betsy Barnes

Boles Jewelry

Michael and Helen Bumpus

Scott and Andrea Dawes

Dealers Electrical Supply

Edd and Carmen Grigsby

John and Mary Lynn Howk

Inasmuch Foundation

Henry and Ellen Kane

Marsha Middleton Murray

Terri Sears

Gopi and Mini Vasudevan




Jeannie Alaback

American Heritage Bank

Jerry and Mary Lou Bork

Thomasane A. Chapple

Carol Creel

Currentland Magazine

Marion and Rose Hammerschmidt

Jenk and Jerri Jones

Joe and Sheryl Kaufman

Linda Maholland

John and Ruth May

Oklahoma Film & Music

Public Service Company of Oklahoma

Paul and Narni Roll

Helen Savage



Kenneth G. and Diana Moon Adams Foundation

American Heritage Bank


Bartlesville Print Shop

Patricia F. Brown

Bruce and Judith Carrico

Caroline Casselberry

Bill and Sherry Cox

Stan and Cynthia DeFehr

Gary and Nancy Dykstra

Dan and Jeanne Strope Family Foundation

John and Gayle Fish, Jr.

Frank Phillips Club

Gorman Management Co

William H. Harrison

Mark and Lou Anne Kachigian

Keleher Billboards

  1. Michael and Sandi May

Oklahoma Magazine

Anderson and Laurel Mehrle

Palen Music

Preview Magazine

RCB Bank

Stephanie Skurcenski

Nelson and Jackie Stayton

Brent and Susan Steward

Pat Tinker



Bill and Kathy Alexander

Armstrong Bank

Mel and Ann Atkins

Bartlett & West

Bill and Vicki Beierschmitt

Gary Betow and Kathleen McKeown

Tom and Mary Birkett

Stephen and Joyce Colaw

Lowell and Sally Coon

Betty Dalrymple

Hill Dermotology

Doug and Dena Divelbiss

Brad and Kimberly Doenges

Bob Doenges

Donald and Cheri Doty

Ford and Vanessa Drummond

Frederick and Janet Drummond


John and Mary Ford

  1. Franklin Gilson

Art and Carolyn Gorman

Gorman Construction Co

Betty Herdman

Jane Phillips Society

Jon and Linda Keller

Steve and Jane Kirkpatrick

Richard McDonald

Mario Morenas

Bob and Jean Oliver

Phoenix Insurance

Bruce Price

Michael and Beth Reburn

Gerald and Mary Reed

Fred and Jean Rice

  1. Richard and Kathleen Rutledge

And Sheldon

Sandy and Jacquelyn Singleton

Patricia Sullivan

Sutterfield Financial Group, Inc

Kent and Kayleen Thomas

Ken and Sandra Waldo

James E. Webb

Jen and Danielle Wong

Dean and Kathy Zervas





Fred Cook and Tom Graves

Edward Ambarian

Lewis and Sharon Ambler

Jerold W. and Gail Barnett

Scott and Shelly Buhlinger

Michael Burris

Price Connors and Martin Smith

Jim and Margaret Dau

Dwight Dissler

Mike and Paula Dunlap

Jim and Jessie Ellis

Dorothy Frie

Carroll Kirwin

Phil Lorenz

John and Xandra Manley

Bruce and Velma Peterson

Scott and Pam Scott

Symphony Magazine



Downtown Business Neighbors

Cliff’s Flooring

Kathi A. Swanson Agent State Farm Ins.

Weeze’s Restaurant



Willis and Beth Barrett

Ralph and Lois Bergstad

Bill and Barbara Blake

Don and Jerrie Brady

James W. and Marcia Cochran

Denis and Susan Comito

Paula Crawford

Dynamic Independence

George and Carolyn Earley

Jackie Gilley

Denise L. Gregg

Robert Hales

Wayne and Sally Hanway

William and Francis Hardin

Thomas and Sylvia Insall

Betty Kane

Bill and Yvonne Kittrell

Joseph and Shirley LeBlanc

William and Sandra Marshall

Karen Kay McKenney

John McReynolds and Sheila Shultz

Ulrich and Karen Melcher

Melanie Miller

Frank and Betsy Moore

Frank and Nan Morrison

Clark and Kay Musser

Helen Nakayama

Wende Namkung

Bruce Peabody

Jerry and Beth Poppenhouse

Patricia Savage

Don and Shirley Seizinger

Teresa Tharp

Larry and Leah Westmoreland

Paul and Jean Wilkins

Richard and Peggy Ziglar