Emperor’s Court

Oklahoma Arts Council
Charles and Julie Daniels

Conductor’s Circle

National Endowment for the Arts
H.A. and Mary K. Chapman
Silas Foundation
Health Care Alliance for the Arts – HAFTA
Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation
AT&T Yellow Pages
Doenges Family of Autos
Ronnie and Glenn Cox
Miriam and Jim Mulva
Joel and Patricia Romines


Bartlesville Community Center
Trust Authority
Bartlesville Convention & Visitors Bureau
Hardesty Family Foundation
Arvest Bank
Bank of Oklahoma
Cable One
Cox Media
Current Magazine
Dealers Electrical Supply
Diversified Resource Systems
Ernst and Young
First United Methodist Church
Fluor Enterprises
Hilton Garden Inn
KBEZ 92.9 Tulsa
Kevin and Dorea Potter
Langdon Publishing
Marubeni-Itochu Tubulars America
Preview Magazine
66 Federal Credit Union
Mary Louise Adams
Jerri and Jenk Jones Jr.
Janet and John Mihm
Tom and Robbie Morris


Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation
George Kaiser Family Foundation
Raymond and Bessie Kravis Foundation
The Examiner Enterprise
Helmerich and Payne
IBM Corporation
SGS Group
Urban Tulsa Weekly
Zachry Construction
Diana and Ken Adams
Ann and David Anderson
Dwight and Margaret Boesiger
Coralea and Charlie Bowerman
Angela and Roger H. Box
Kay and Jim Calvert
Mark and Debbie Haskell
The Leo H. Johnstone Family
Dr. and Mrs. H.J. Moreland
Joseph and Mary O’Toole
Bob and Vanda Ridge


Frank Phillips Club
John Steele Zink Foundation
Eva’s Flowers and Gifts
GE Oil and Gas
Leah Anderson
Dr. Ronald and Jeanette Coleman
Anne and Ginger Griffin
Carmen and Edd Grigsby
Mr. and Mrs. Henry F. Kane
Betty and John F. Kane
Faye and Charlie Kittrell
Kay Sallee
Dr. Gopi and Mini Vasudevan
John and Margaret Williford


GTR Tulsa News
McCormick-Armstrong Co., Inc.
Mussleman Abstract Company
Osage Federal Bank
Towers Watson
Ivery and Paul Anderson
James Arnold
Ken and Frankie Wood-Black
Scott Black
Thomasane Chapple
Shane and Brianna Jewell
Robert and Gale Kane
Joe and Sheryl Kaufman
Dr. Mario Morenas
Louise and Patrick H. Roark
Helen Savage
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Souder


Gorman Management Company
Green Country Dental Arts
Keleher Billboards
Pepsi Bottling Group
Pritchard Land and Investment
Walmart Distribution Center
Dr. Jeff and Lori Ahlert
Jeannie Alaback
Walt and Donna Allison
Dr. David and Carrie Anderson
Mel and Ann Atkins
Betsy Barnes
Ann and Al Basinger
Debbie and Steve Berlin
Dr. Bruce and Jean Brookby
Drs. Mike and Helen Bumpus
Fred Cook
Dr. Stanley and Cynthia DeFehr
Roger Dickson
Doug and Dena Divelbiss
Barry Dull
Dr. Gary and Nancy Dykstra
Nancy Dunlap
Dr. Steve and Jane Kirkpatrick
John and Gayle Fish
Carolyn and Art Gorman
Tom and Jana Gorman
Mr. and Mrs. H. Michael May
Dr. Anderson Mehrle
Bruce and Jeanette Peabody
Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Prazak
Dr. Gerald and Mary Reed
Paul and Narnie Roll
Dr. Patrick Tinker
Virginia Whitmire
Sandy and Phillip Van de Verg
Dr. Jen and Danielle Wong
In Memory of Paul and Lucille Endecott
In Memory of Bill Creel


Musical Research Society
Braum’s Ice Cream & Dairy Stores
Bunge North America Foundation
Citgo Petroleum
Constructors and Associates
The Crist Company – Mrs. Oklahoma Pageant
Exxon Mobile Foundation
Green Operating Company
Link-Project Services
Lookin’ Sharp Laundry & Dry Cleaning
Oklahoma Blood Institute
ONEOK Foundation
Phoenix Insurance
5th and Shawnee Discount Liquor
Short Oil Company
Starbucks Coffee Company
Wasemiller Insurance Company
Ellen and Steve Adelson
Lewis B. and Sharon S. Ambler
Dr. and Mrs. John C. Andrus
David and Janis Bailey
Barbara Bates
Edward and Lorraine Beaudette
Bill and Vicki Beierschmitt
Jerry and Marilou Bork
Patricia F. Brown
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Carrico
Dr. Oliver Cerqueira and
Bernadette Miller
Dr. Craig and Terry Cochran
Dr. Scott and Amiee Cochran
Steve and Joyce Colaw
Carol and Don Cone
Mr. and Mrs. L. Coon
Claudine Copenhaver
Dr. Kyle and Kourtney Craig
Betty Dalrymple
Kelly and Cindy Diven
Bob Doenges
Ford and Vanessa Drummond
Janet and Frederick Drummond
Dr. Phillip and Brenda Eastep
Frank Gilson
William Harrison
Jackie and Ken Heady
Elizabeth Herdman
John and Mary Lynn Howk
Sheila and Gary Kilpatrick
Dr. Walter and Deborah Lahara
Walter Long
Dr. Brent and Shelly Moore
Dick McDonald
Mike McSpadden and Jane Johnstone
Bruce and Virginia Price
Dr. Michael A. and Beth Reburn
Dr. Gerald and Mary Reed
Frederic and Mary Rice
Margaret Robinson
Dr. David and Ann Rumph
Bill and Vivian Schmidt
Representive Earl and Jane Sears
Richard and Jeanette Sias
Joyce Sidorfsky
Dave and Mary Alice Sigmon
Dr. Brent and Susan Steward
Daniel and Jeanne Strope
Cynthia and J. Hall Taylor
Lynda and David Tippeconnic
Mike and Robbie Vaclaw
Sandra Waldo
Becky Wallace
Adrienne Weis
Dr. Scott and Dawn Williams
Tracy and Kay Word
Dr. Dean and Kathy Zervas


Bluestem Cardiology
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Formby Propane and Oil Company
Evans, Lawrence B./Rive Technology
Brian Kennedy Insurance
Garfield’s Restaurant and Pub
Tate Boys Tire and Service
Bill and Kathy Alexander
Willis and Beth Barrett
Dan and Eva Boatwright
Dorothy and Harold Bockelken
Ken and Wanda Bolen
Mary Ann and George Brenner
Jay and Gene Bryngelson
Henry and Jacqueline Byars
Gene Chambers
Phyllis Chapman
James Michael Charbonnier
Matt and Sue Coffman
Dwight Dissler
Don and Cheri Doty
Lawrence Evans
Bob Fabar
Ralph and Diana Farris
Toby Fell
Charles Floren
Senator John and Mary Ford
Scot and Tracy Harlow
Charlie and Jacque Hollar
Melvin and Julie Jeffery
Elizabeth Jones
John and Barbara Kane
Mark and Holly Kane
Donald Lee
George and Francis Morrison
Eddie and Helen Nakayama
Carolyn Oakley
David and Shelly Jo Oakley
Gerald and Cindra Pribil
Kevin and Debbie Reid
Ed and Alice Ririe
Patricia Savage
Joyce Sidorfsky
Sandy and Jacquelyn Singleton
Stephanie Skurcenski
Dr. Bill and Pat Smith
Kent and Kayleen Thomas
Mike and Mary Whatley
A.R. White
In memory of Mary Jo Jones (Young)
In memory of Richard J. Pollan,husband of Diane Lesser


Bottenfield Construction
Kennedy Insurance
SafeTshot Fireworks
United Linen and Uniform Services
Milton Adam
Gregg and Carole Allred
Patricia L. Ambruster
Ellen F. Anderson
Autumn Sun – Jarod Elmore
Bob Axtell
Mr. and Mrs. Jerold W. Barnett
Yvonne Barry
Ralph and Pauletta Beaty
Gary and Kathy Betow
Bill and Barbara Blake
Josefina Blanco-Rivas
Peggy and Del Boyles
Don and Jerrie Brady
Jon and Amanda Bridges
Nancy Brown
Scott and Shelly Buhlinger
Jeff and Stacy Burkinshaw
Michael Burris
Henry and Jacquelyn Byers
Bob and Joy Case
Gene Chambers
Marianna Christensen
Jim and Sammie Clingenpeel
Rick and Barb Cohen
Carolyn Collier
Chris and Debbie Cook
Paul and Pam Crawford
Nance Diamond
Harold and Peggy Draney
Edward S. Dumit
Jessie Ellis
Matt and Jill Epperson
Carolyne Ervin
Brian and Jacki Evans
Gary and Sheila Evans
James and Irene Ewing
Jean Fincher
Edward W. Flaxbart
Charles R. Fortner
Dorothy Frie
Romy C. Gerould
Tom E. Graves
Jeff and Monica Green
Denise Gregg
Nancy Haas
John Hall
Wayne and Sally Hanway
John and Karen Hatchett
Wallace and Alexandra Hawley
Chuck and Robin Holland
John and Dorsey Holliman
Jess and Sylvia Insall
Nancy Jacobs
Bob and Juanita Johansen
Marvin Johnson
Dee Johnston
Jon and Linda Keller
Karen Kay King
Carroll and Gwen Kirwin
Richard and Betty Knoblock
Norma L. Koeppe
Sharon Kolar
Frank and Sue Lacey
Molly Larson
Dr. Joseph and Shirley LeBlanc
Dr. Bill and Nancy Lee
Theresa Lee
Denise and Judy Logan
Marvin Malasky
Sandra and William Marshall
Representative Steve and
Barbara Martin
Marybeth and Robert McVie
Ulrich and Karen Melcher
Betty Miller
Melanie Miller
Sandra Miller
Fred Mostrom
Dr. Gerald Millikin
Eleanor Neel
Donna Newsome
Ella Rita and Richard Nicko
Mary Nunneley
Jeanene and Paul Overholt
Margaret Patterson
Bruce and Velma Peterson
Radomir and Miriam Petrovich
Marjorie Pitzer
Fred and Theo Pope
Carroll Richie
Gerald and Candy Roberts
Dr. W. Edward Rolison
William Ruggles
James and Jan Spears
David and Jane Stewart
Rosie Swindell
Jim and Jean Tayebi
Donald and Vela Vincent
Donald and Marjorie Webster
Howard and Leslie Wilson
Richard and Peggy Ziglar
Janet Young